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So next month I will have had this awful condition for 3 years however I don't really feel DP very much anymore. I am very rarely physically numb my emotions are still dunted sometimes though, I only ever go numb when I am having severe anxiety or a sudden panic attack.

My DR and Deja vu is still there pretty much constant but I'm trying to ignore it I guess.

My anxiety I can very much feel and I forgot how physical anxiety can feel since I have been so numb but I guess it's a good sign. I am now sleeping roughly 4-5 hours solid then awake very 30 mins til I decide to get out of bed.

And I also started my first job today in nearly 3 years it's only part time 10 hours a week and a cleaning job but yeah it's a massive step for me. Boy can I tell you I am so physically tired and my body is in so much pain. Go back a year ago I wouldn't have been able to go and work or even feel how sore my body is right now. I would just bea numb floating ghost unable to tell where the bed starts and my body ends
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