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Please don't say "just accept it." I can't accept this. Do not read if your depersonalized right now, or sensitive to these things trigger warning I'm begging you not to. Please recovered people only. I'm in a panic all the time, the worst part is that the dp is over. I just have this obsessive thought that I may be the only person that exists in the universe, yes it's narcissistic, yes it's irrational. But I think of it from waking up to going to sleep at night and everytime I think I'm getting better it starts again. Is there any relief? I just want to know I can over come this, I shouldn't even have to think about this it should be a natural known thing. Can someone please tell me they went through this and overcame it, I just need assurance. I thought the DP and dr was the worst , apparently not , it freaks me out that it's over yet I still have such a crazy thought that I seem to believe from time to time. I just want to look back and Laugh but I'm afraid I'll spend my life doubting something so terrifying.
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