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anyone have suggestions for extreme tiredness all the time. i feel like i could fall asleep while walking sometimes.
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Foggy. Next time you feel fatigued, or zombie like, or like another synapse will not occur, or so lethargic you hardly feel alive, go take a cold shower or run around the block or get involved in a rousing arguement with someone. What I find is that for the most part this fatigue is not true fatigue but rather a symptom that seems like fatigue. So often I feel listess as well as tired and this does not make sense. Maybe mental fatigue can cause body fatigue, but in our case ( mine anyway) I can trick back my mental fatigue by pumping blood to my brain. I can be energized in a moment, which tells me it is not true fatigue. Anxiety thoughts indeed wear us out, but these dp/dr symptoms seem to be real fakers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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