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Anyone else here freaked out by sleeping? It's like, I finally feel better and then I have to start all over again. Every single day. Also, sleeping itself is really weird, you know? Anyone feel the same? How do you motivate yourself every morning?
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I feel the same. I don't know how I live every day, everything is so weird. I motivate myself by "It will better" .
I agree. If you really think about it, everything we do is weird - sleep, eat, sex, etc.

But yeah, with the sleeping thing... just try to push the thoughts about it being weird out of your mind, because otherwise you'll end up developing pretty bad insomnia - which is basically going to make DP/DR worse.

I tend to actually feel the best when I wake up in the morning, so long as I clocked in a decent amount of hours. But, soon enough after I have been awake for a short time any motivation I had upon awaking is soon slipping through my hands. By the afternoon, I'm usually completely back to being in DP/DR and existential crisis state. Then before I know it, it comes time to sleep again - and so goes the cycle.

A side note on the topic of sleep... Sometimes, I'll start getting my sleep and awake state meshing together - which is alarming... does this happen to anyone else? Like, I know that right now I am awake... but I will start overthinking everything and comparing my sleep state to my awake state. I'll start recalling vivid dreams I've had - dreams that seem TOO real, even though I know they were just dreams. It's creepy to think about. The human mind is seriously complex... and the fact that our minds must constantly be thinking, even in our unconscious state, is profound and freaks me out.
I have that problem too. I don't know did i sleep last night, it's like awake sleeping. Btw, sometimes I can't sleep because I haer my own thoghts all the time, is that symptom of dp too?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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