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Do you also have problems sleeping?

There are nights when I have nightmares , but I can sleep, in fact I sleep more than I should and am exhausted then.

And there are those nights when I have nightmares, but cant sleep and am exhausted also. I am worn out all the time.
And I cant remember when I didnt have nightmares. Oh, I can, it was before the dr and anxiety thing started, more than half a year ago.Since then I have nightmares every night.

Like this night I woke up every hour (thats when the anxiety level is heightened). Also the pain level is higher today. I am sure to drop into the oversleeping phase again. Like when I need a rest from the high anxiety level I sleep if I was dead.

Do folks here have these problems too?

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geting off to sleep is my trouble...

but i sleep pretty well although have quite disturbing/odd dreams....

when i wake up i feel desperate to have more sleep but becuase of the dp i cannot just lay there as i feel like i am not there...and that scares me too much...

so i get up pretty early...
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