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Sleep disorders and SSRIs

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Just a note on this...

I have recently undergone a sleep study because i was told i was doing some interesting things in my sleep... hehe. Also, I am never rested and need tons of 10 or 11 hours. Anyways, turns out I do (saw it on video!): leg movements during deep sleep. Not sure if I will be diagnosed with restless leg syndrome or not but will find out soon. It depends how much the movements are interfering with my sleep. Anyways, thought i'd bring it up cause the specialist says it is likely due to the SSRI I am taking: Paxil.

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ow yeah, since i'm on paxil i can't keep my legs quiet, they have to move. i'ts terrible but my legs are restless. I read somewhere before that is was maybe due to paxil. Interesting test, cause i'm never rested either
Don't totaly agree there, I had/have some side effects from SSRI (paxil) but on the other hand it's doing great wonders for me right now so the possitve totally stands up against the negative effects
Uni-girl, if you're of paxil, first thing to do is to wait a couple of weeks before trying another "serotonin-drug "
Besideds that HTTP-5 is totally not a replacement for paxil.
What you can try is to combine HTTP-5 with St Johns Worth. This would be a natural replacement for Paxil that might work, and less side effects ofcourse.
Altough combining two natural serotonin boosters is something you have to talk about with your doctor.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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