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Sleep disorders and SSRIs

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Just a note on this...

I have recently undergone a sleep study because i was told i was doing some interesting things in my sleep... hehe. Also, I am never rested and need tons of 10 or 11 hours. Anyways, turns out I do (saw it on video!): leg movements during deep sleep. Not sure if I will be diagnosed with restless leg syndrome or not but will find out soon. It depends how much the movements are interfering with my sleep. Anyways, thought i'd bring it up cause the specialist says it is likely due to the SSRI I am taking: Paxil.

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I can't shake my tiredness lately either. I need a lot of sleep and even then I want to take a nap after about 4 hours of being awake. I do weird things in my sleep too. I've always been told I sleep talk, and have sleep walked a couple of times. But my main thing is, in the middle of the night, throughout the night, I'll just sit straight up. Sometimes it'll wake me up but other times somebody will just tell me I did it. I just sit straight up during a dream and usually just lay back down and go back to sleep. I don't know. I wonder if my sleep is getting disturbed and that's why I'm tired all the time. I would be inclined though to just think the Celexa is making me lazy. Also, when I was withdrawing from Paxil the only adverse reaction I had was really bad nightmares for about a week.
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