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Sleep apnea....

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hey guys! well my sleep study results came back and i have sleep apnea, where i stop breathing alot in my sleep, and they want me to go on this breathing machine thing, or maybe get my atonsils taking out because they are so big... im just scared to get surgery because , i am afraid the Anastasia will make my DP that a true, but i hear that if your breathing good in your sleep it could lessin your anxiety by alot..anyone here have sleep apnea. or anything??... well thanks everyone.
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First, sorry to hear about your sleep apnea.

Report what meds you are taking to your anasthesiologist, and make sure you let him/her know your concerns about the procedure. You don't have to go in depth into DP/DR obviously, but sometimes talking about it can alleviate some fears.

If it makes you feel any better, I got surgery on my hand in the beginning of this year, and the anaesthesia did not negatively impact my DP/DR. It was actually nice to feel tired that day. I got some good rest, and my brain got a break.

My thoughts are with you. I am sure everything will be fine. Enjoy the experience of going under. It's a legal, pretty safe escape. :)
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