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Hi guys ! So I've had DP for 5 months , 24/7 non-stop. So I've got all the tests done, well except for an EEG/MRI but my neuro who's certified and did tons of years in school (honestly looks like one of those nerdy guys lol) told me everything looked fine in the exam and that I didn't need an MRI, but a month later I liked begged him for one and was like fine just for peace of mind.

Went for the MRI, chickened out lol because of the noise, not even bc of the claustrophobia. So I never went back. Lol ANYWAYS....

My "DP" was caused by a random panic attack. I woke up in the middle of the night in panic and felt so off and not in my body. Stayed up for a bit and went back to sleep, and that's when things weren't the same. Ever since I had this, I've had head pressure up the yin yang. So I'm like this can't just be anxiety, like yes I have anxiety in general but never like this.

So I think what the problem is is the sinuses. I have pressure by the temples, cheekbones, eyes, my nose is the WORST. Before DP ivr always has a post nasal drip for years. Had a sore throat once a month.

Also did a blood tests a couple months ago and the only thing wrong was my vitamin d level was a 17 so I've been taking 4000 IU everyday for like a month-ish now. I know it takes awhile for the levels to go back up.

Non-related but for a couple years too before DP I've had sleep paralysis like every once in awhile, idk if that has to do with stress ? I'm just wondering how many of us has pressure in our ears/face,head ? My ears are killing me and have pressure as well. As well as a ringing in my left ear once in awhile. I went to an ENT like a month ago and I wouldn't let her put the Afrin up my nose bc it's a drug and thought it was gonna affect my dp lol. So I'm gonna go back and try it again just so she can see what's going on. But my hearing was perfect so that's something lol. And assured me I don't have throat cancer or a brain tumor bc of course I assume the worst.

But if this is all just sinus stuff I'm gonna be SO relieved but mad at myself bc I I'd so much research about DP over the past couple months and isolated myself and have those stupid existential thoughts now I'm just mindf*cked at this point and keep questioning everything and it's driving me bananas. One thing that keeps me sane about like existing is having ice cream bc it's so friggen good ???? it's just sad Bc I'm someone who's always been so happy, adventurous, I mean obviously I had my bad days but my ego was pretty big not gonna lie, and was a positive person and loved coffee and now haven't had coffee in months and miss it so so much. Also was big into the gym, body building wise.

I haven't tried a nasal rinse yet but I just might. Anyways, lemme know if you guys have sinus problems. And if anyone just got DP randomly like me too. Thanks loves !!! :) Btw I feel like putting a hammer to my nose it hurts so bad lol.
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I thought my issues were caused by vestibular dysfunction.. I would have brief spells where I couldn't control my throat or tongue. I had clicking in my ears for decades, that I now suspect was observable from the outside.

That indicates you have brain issues and not vestibular issues. I got an EEG and it explained everything. My temporal lobe had significant pathology indicating a history of seizure. My panic attacks were focal temporal lobe seizures.

My vestibular issues were caused by electrical storms in my brain. My episodes of major depression were linked to my epileptic syndrome. The EEG wasn't noisy. Neurologists don't know shit without one.
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