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Hi guys ! So I've had DP for 5 months , 24/7 non-stop. So I've got all the tests done, well except for an EEG/MRI but my neuro who's certified and did tons of years in school (honestly looks like one of those nerdy guys lol) told me everything looked fine in the exam and that I didn't need an MRI, but a month later I liked begged him for one and was like fine just for peace of mind.

Went for the MRI, chickened out lol because of the noise, not even bc of the claustrophobia. So I never went back. Lol ANYWAYS....

My "DP" was caused by a random panic attack. I woke up in the middle of the night in panic and felt so off and not in my body. Stayed up for a bit and went back to sleep, and that's when things weren't the same. Ever since I had this, I've had head pressure up the yin yang. So I'm like this can't just be anxiety, like yes I have anxiety in general but never like this.

So I think what the problem is is the sinuses. I have pressure by the temples, cheekbones, eyes, my nose is the WORST. Before DP ivr always has a post nasal drip for years. Had a sore throat once a month.

Also did a blood tests a couple months ago and the only thing wrong was my vitamin d level was a 17 so I've been taking 4000 IU everyday for like a month-ish now. I know it takes awhile for the levels to go back up.

Non-related but for a couple years too before DP I've had sleep paralysis like every once in awhile, idk if that has to do with stress ? I'm just wondering how many of us has pressure in our ears/face,head ? My ears are killing me and have pressure as well. As well as a ringing in my left ear once in awhile. I went to an ENT like a month ago and I wouldn't let her put the Afrin up my nose bc it's a drug and thought it was gonna affect my dp lol. So I'm gonna go back and try it again just so she can see what's going on. But my hearing was perfect so that's something lol. And assured me I don't have throat cancer or a brain tumor bc of course I assume the worst.

But if this is all just sinus stuff I'm gonna be SO relieved but mad at myself bc I I'd so much research about DP over the past couple months and isolated myself and have those stupid existential thoughts now I'm just mindf*cked at this point and keep questioning everything and it's driving me bananas. One thing that keeps me sane about like existing is having ice cream bc it's so friggen good ???? it's just sad Bc I'm someone who's always been so happy, adventurous, I mean obviously I had my bad days but my ego was pretty big not gonna lie, and was a positive person and loved coffee and now haven't had coffee in months and miss it so so much. Also was big into the gym, body building wise.

I haven't tried a nasal rinse yet but I just might. Anyways, lemme know if you guys have sinus problems. And if anyone just got DP randomly like me too. Thanks loves !!! :) Btw I feel like putting a hammer to my nose it hurts so bad lol.
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I think my panic attacks were caused by low vitamin D levels though bc once I started taking it no panic attacks. I mean it won't hurt to get an EEG I'd do it, I just don't think that was my cause personally. Everyone has their own triggers you know. Like I was going through stressful events a few days before too between a loss in my family and seeing my absent dad at that funeral. So that probably built up some issues that made me panic. I mean I have no clue if that could've triggered it but it couldn't just be a coincidence. Neurologist's can basically see everything through the eyes on what's going on in your brain. Not everything but most. He said I looks perfectly fine so I trust his opinion, like I said I'll do the EEG idc.

But I know I definitely have a post nasal drip, mucus and horrible sinuses. A lot of people with DP have vestibular problems , doesn't mean they have the same thing as you but it's nice that you're informative to people about it as well & looking out for their well being. I actually had my follow up with the neuro today and didn't go. Welp lol
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It's anxiety stop this sinusses bullshit.
You could be nicer you know, and I'm only saying it could maybe be sinuses. I really had no anxiety going on at the same time so I'm confused why it was so out of the blue the panic attack literally came out of nowhere. Then having this gave me more anxiety and more thinking. So this in itself gave me more anxiety than whatever it was that set it off. I've dealt with A LOT in my life for only being 22, so the fact that I got this from anxiety is really weird when I've dealt with a lot worse. Just saying
I feel like our situation is similar lol I've never had sinus issues but I've had dp for 8 months (after a random panic attack too) and couple months ago the sinus issues started and ever since my ears feel clogged/muffled & one nostril is slightly clogged.. I don't blame you for being scared lol I've had Sudafed and Sudafed pe in my drawer for MONTHS and I'm scared it's going to make my dp worse too lol eventually I'm going to try it but when my dp is more under-control. Btw I also have low vitamin d, mine was the same number (but a lot of ppl in this world have a deficiency) and was taking it for 5/6 months and didn't notice a difference.
Oh wow we do have similar situations ! The vitamin d3 definitely helped me have no more panic attacks, you could get panic attacks from low levels like that and mine were never that low I had no idea. But it takes like 6 months to a year to see improvement, I saw it within a month. But not with the dp just the attacks.

I've always had sinus issues but never this bad. My left ear is killing me & my nose hurts so bad all the time. You could but simply saline it's drug free and it'll really help ! Apparently DP can be caused by allergies like mold toxicity or house dust and sinuses too !

I was talking to this one girl and she got a CT years ago and everything was fine except the found mucus from her sinuses but never told her. So she was on a very LOW dose of Prozac for 4 years and she had no DP. She decided to stop taking it in November, she was fine. She went to go get a tooth pulled a month later and the DP came back. She had pressure in her ears, mouth, eyes and cheekbones & the doctors told her it was sinuses and allergies. She got an allergy test done and her allergies for house dust was a 2.75 it's supposed to be less than .10. Now that she rinses her sinuses and does allergy meds her dp has been slowly fading away.

Now i'm not saying whether this was my cause or not, but I think about it as a possibility. I've always had anxiety just never this bad. Read the forums there's a lot of people with sinus/ear problems. One guy had DP for 5 years and rinsed his nasal passages and it was gone within days. If people randomly out of the blue get panic attacks and truly don't know what caused it, you should get tested for everything first like blood test, neuro etc. Just annoying that I have to figure out why I got this instead of knowing 100% was my cause is
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Wow I'm 22 as well ???? are we twins? Lol jk. But for me, even though it was random the only thing I can think of is that I had a lot of caffeine that day of my panic attack so I assume it could be because of that but then it happened hours after so I'm not entirely sure but that's the only thing I can think of for me. Wow, I wish my dp could be gone just by doing rinses but unfortunately mine was definitely anxiety induced b/c it started off as just dr. I've had so many test done they just say it's anxiety and low levels of vitamin d..
Lmao must be !! Omg I used to drink coffee everyday I miss it so much but I was so immune to it so it can't be from coffee for me. I wish it was sinuses for me too like it's just a theory obviously like maybe untreated sinuses ? Idk but i have anxiety in general but this just brought out the worst possible anxiety questions out of me and I just want them gone like I never thought them. Part of me wants to try meds but part of me is a wimp lmfao. Lost cause over here
It's anxiety stop this sinusses bullshit.

Take that toughie hehe. But in all seriousness, you can't just rule out on everyone it's just anxiety, read plenty of the forums. Most people yes do get this from anxiety, some people heal from supplements, diet, even sinuses ! So be open minded my dude :)
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