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Hello beautiful people it's been a while since I wrote a blog!!

So an update on everything. I just recently when to the Ears, Nose, Throat doctor and he deep cleaned my ears with the vacuum. I recommend everyone on here to do that you never know what they may find because if you have an inner ear imbalance that could be throwing everything off. So getting an appointment with them is a step too. They didn't find anything but the doctor says he wants to message some neurologist because he thinks they will be the ones to help me.

I was hospitalized twice before and i think the last time they might have given me some sort of migraine injection or something that may have helped that. So my next step is to harass the neurology department lol. I grew up with really bad headaches. Sometimes I would have headaches that would last for days so it wouldn't surprise me if this is the root to my vertigo/dizziness/fog-mind/DR.

Also, another thing I will be working on with them is my sinus. I don't know about you guys but if I smell something bad or just a strong odor I instant feel foggy and dizzy and my DR is at 10. I can feel the pressure between my eyes around my nose so I think that may tie in to it as well.

I am currently on a migraine medication but what we have to realize is if we have something wrong with us, doctors have to further examine and you might need a higher dose of something or a different medication in order to fix an issue or to see results. Like for my sinus I used to take Zyrtec 10mg and that only would help hardly. If I do have really bad sinus that is causing vertigo to DRand other problems they might have to give higher doses etc. I am just pointing this out so someone reading this who may have similar issues will address this to their doctors because sometimes they don't take that into consideration.

When I get examined and tests done for the migraines and sinus I will be posting another blog to see the outcome and if it changed anything. Does anyone else suffer with similar problems I mentioned??

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Dec 27 2016 08:04 AM

Definitely feel you on the headaches. I've never had a head injury but my headaches pretty much only started after smoking pot. (Which triggered my DP as we all know it.) So for some reason, the headaches come with the DP for me.

As for smells, I also feel you 100%. Part of my DP is being hyperaware of everything so sight, smells, and touch throw me off. Smells are the worst though.
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