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This is kind of a last minute goal, but since there is a lack of local support groups for anxiety/dp/dr/depression issues, I have wanted to start one. I was able to create a group on and tonight is the first actual 'meetup'. Looks like there are 6 people that have rsvp'd. I am nervous as F! And I even thought about canceling last week, but I didn't. I am going to go through with it. I will report back and let you guys know how it went. Wish me luck! Thanks.
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Thx. Will try not to be too preachy. :/
Well, I completed this goal. 3 people showed up and we had a very good conversation. They were very happy and supportive that I organized the group and are looking forward to the next one. I am looking forward to moving this forward and finding the extra help and support I need. I am very proud of myself.
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No I didn't, but I should've since having a meet up group costs me $$$.
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