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Simple partial seizures and DP

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum but hope that it can provide some guidance. I have struggled with simple partial seizures for the past few years. Recently, DP became a prominent struggle in my life as well. I believe that the two are related. I have been told conflicting information about who to see regarding my troubles. A psychologist? Psychiatrist? Neurologist? If anyone has any similar experiences, I would greatly appreciate your insight. Thank you all.

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Hi Becky.

Although I am not in your position,I did have petit mal epilepsy as a child and I have mini-blackouts due to Anxiety and I have had DP for 10 months, chronically.

The usual route to getting help on the NHS is as follows,

GP (They should complete blood work, physical tests and an ECG. They should refer you for an MRI scan and Brainwave test.)

Neurologist (You should be sent to meet with the Neurologist for the results of your Brain scans. If the structure of your brain is normal, you will be referred by your GP to a Psychiatrist.)

Psychiatrist (They will assess you. If your condition cannot be treated by psychiatric medication, you will be referred to a Psychologist.)

Psychologist (They will assess you and devise a psychotherapy plan.)

It's a good idea to build a relationship with your GP and if you are unhappy with any diagnosis or treatment you should speak out. It is advisable to keep a diary of your experiences as this will be very helpful in assisting your treatment. Also, if you can take someone with you for your appointments I feel this might offer you more support as navigating around the medical/mental health profession can be daunting.

Best of Luck with your recovery!

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My cousin suffers from seizures (constant) but takes medication for it and it has helped him a lot. He's been experiencing it since he was in middle school and it isn't fun.

I believe he might be going through DP, he is very religious, huge gym addict and is a engineer. So going through DP/Seizures can't stop you from enjoying life/doing the things you want.

I recommend speaking with a therapist or someone.
I found this related:

also, I have some kind of "jerks/twitching" but it might be related to Cymbalta (and actually seems to help DP).
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