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Simple cure

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Don't introspect

Move on in your life

Anxiety is there in each and every individual in this world but they don't think about it for so long.instead they get back to their work and its

gone.But we have been raised to an elevated level of anxiety.This also has the same process but it will take longer than the normal person to be back to normal.

If you don't think about or fight with anxiety it has no power.Trust me .Get back in life by working hard towards making your life better(career,fitness,etc).

Simple cure(trust me)(If you follow this one day you will definitely come back and tell this to other people)

Work hard to get along in your life( in your career and make yourself fit) .Even if it takes 100 times more energy than a normal person to do your life activities still do it(your anxiety will slowly loose all its power).

Note:Don't come back again and again in anxiety or dp sites .Move on in your normal life.
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So how long did you have DP for? You didn't say much of your story.

This is quite common advice, and it's not wrong, but if you read this sort of thing in a book like Paul David's At Last a Life for example, which is a good book, he acknowledges that some people will have a more complex set of issues they may need professional help with. So it's a good simple cure if your condition is relatively simple.

That said, any improvements you can work towards in your life that help increase self-esteem and take the focus away from anxiety will always put you in a stronger position and may be enough for many to make a recovery.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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