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Hi all

I've seen others on this site mention that they use a similar device.

I recently got fitted with an NTI-TSS, a little stub you wear on your front teeth while you sleep. Like other splints, it is supposed to prevent you from clenching your teeth at night.

In my mind, it has signficantly reduced the "head pressure" I've had for the last few years. I wouldn't say it is completely gone, but is so reduced that I don't find myself thinking about it at all really. So little in fact that I noticed that I wasn't noticing it :) In addition, my neck and shoulders feel much less tense too - when I wake up, they literally feel "cool". When you have these tension aches for so long, you trick yourself into thinking they are normal... silly brain!

Anyhow, I would recommend it if anyone who has been looking for some relief, however small, and hasn't found it.

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