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Side effects with meds

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Has anyone here had like absolutely terrible side effects when starting a new medicine? Like sent you into a panic attack made you think you were dying side affects?? This has happened once before 2 years ago for me and then I’ve been up all night in a panic attack, no sleep, because I guess a new medicine. I literally felt as if I was dying and my heart is still pounding out of my chest. I don’t wanna be alone in this. Anyone else get scary freak outs sometimes when trying new medicine that doesn’t do well for them ?!
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Abilify gave me very strong anxiety. I was told that this does happen with that med and by increasing the dosage it should have a calming effect, but I asked to stop it, because my anxiety was so strong sometimes I could not even get up because of how much it was taking all my thoughts, and I didn't want to take the chance. But in the end I didn't care so much because it was temporary. It's bad mostly if it happens at a time when I have something important to do at work, or something like that.
Abilify was one that actually caused me to freak out because my anxiety and everything else was just through the roof. It’s so crazy to me how they all effect different people differently.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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