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Were you shy before getting DP?
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I dunno i never did not have dp/dr until last year lol.

I was abit shy at times when i had dp/dr but i think it was just mostly anxiety. I was usually only anxious around people i knew which was totally strange.

Now that im free of dp/dr and anxiety im pretty outgoing and not shy at all.
I was always a shy kid. I always had friends, but they would often be surprised at how energetic and talkative I was when we weren't in school. Up until about high school I would just sit through class and not say a word. A lot of my friends had different classes, so I'd have even less of a reason to talk. I started to open up a little and raise my hand and make jokes to people in class, but often I'm still quite introverted.
extremely shy. always have been, even before dp, but now it's worse. i have 4 core friends that i hang out with and i'm still outgoing with just them, but in school i clam up and think about EVERYTHING, from how i look when i walk to the way my hair dryed and stupid shit like that. but then i get home and it's like a switch turns on (or off, however you want to look at it), i still feel dissociated but i can walk and talk normally, same when i'm at a friends house, it's like i'm not even the same person around other kids at my school.
i was shy,painfully shy around women, now that im DP meeting people is so much easier actually,NO FEAR..Dp took away my social fears so now i can meet people, but now i there is no meaning to the relationships i cultivate....what a cruel ironic bitch dissociation is.
"cruel ironic bitch", i like that.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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