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So my whole life I've been labelled as the quiet and shy girl, and it's always been so damaging to my self esteem to constantly hear this, as I want more than anything to be the loud and confident one with many friends.

The truth is I don't really have any friends at all and for a long time I've socially isolated myself, I have self esteem issues and issues with my appearance and probably over analyze EVERYTHING, I'm very much in my own head.

But when I think of a shy person I think of someone who can't keep eye contact and they're very too themselves, they don't say much because they are scared of getting judged, but they know what it is they want to say, for me the issue isn't exactly that, I'm labelled as the quiet one I think because I don't talk much and I don't share stories like everyone else does and I only say a sentence wait for a response and then another sentence, but that's because my brain feels EMPTY/BLANK pretty much ALL the time, I can't think of things to say any stories or anything that relevant to the situation im in, I know people who talk ENDLESSLY to their friends and peers, and im always baffled by how they can continously think of things to say

let me say that I initially thought this was just a problem with new people but I've realised that this is also an issue with family and people who im super close with, I suffer from generalized anxiety and depersonalization (dissociative disorder) maybe this is why I seem to be frequently void of thought?
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