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shock from shock please help!

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since two days i felt completly recovered, and to you who know me i could play music and listen to it.
then i watched tv and everything seemed so real and 3d, and i paniced i am so shocked.
and now i am scared and dissociated again.
i know my problem is dissociation from feelings due to some ptsd.
and now i am dissociating
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Great,you are playing ang listening to music again,even if its a tiny relief to yuo,its better than none!This will be the way for a while,unfortunately you wont wake up 100% recovered,youve got to surf these good times and not force them.Do you play Debussy or Ravel?Wonderful compositions bt the impressionists helped me,they are very cathartic for me.Beethoven is too sad for you at the moment.Try Bach and mozart as well,they are great for organizing your mind.Stay away from rock concerts for a while if they upset you too much,but do still stay with your insturment.Stay posting!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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