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As part of a project for university in Communication Design Studies(FH-Aachen, University Of Applied Sciences), I'm looking for people that have experienced Depersonalization and are willing to write about it. My goal is to gather short abstracts (40-80 words) about this moments and the feelings they produce, from as many people as possible, and create an annonymus compilation with them that helps in the understanding of the disorder, since it's bind up with many of nowadays' most ignored psychological and emotional problems.

But I can only make this voice louder with the help of people wanting to share and who also have reasons to believe in the project. Personally, it has a big significance to me since I also have gone through depersonalization episodes, and I really think it's about time for people to stop being afraid of expressing themselves, and talking about emotional and psychological problems without the fear of being judged, by society standards, starting upon ourselves.

So I please ask, if some of you have gone through it, take a few minutes of your time to tell me or write it down and send it to me. and don't hesitate in asking if you have any questions on your own experience or are willing to know more about the project.

Spread the word.

(Deadline: 31. November. Even though I am always glad to read new stories)
(Questions and contributions: [email protected])


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