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Sexuality and Dp/Dr

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Dear All,

I can't stop thinking about my sexuality and I think a core part of that anxiety is driving my horrendous DP and DR.

I keep worrying that I am gay or bisexual, and I cannot accept that under any circumstances whatsoever.

I need to make this thread because I am so depressed about it.
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It's OCD not Depersonalization. I have OCD too and have had similar thoughts. If you like the other sex you wouldn't be disturbed by the thoughts. You have Pure O OCD like I do. Just like treating Depersonalization treating Pure O OCD involves you not forcing yourself to not think of the thoughts but rather divert your thoughts to something else. You can't control what you think but you can control how you react to your thoughts. First you need to determine if the thought is irrational or not. If it is then decide before you have the thought again that it is irrational. When you have the thought recognize it as an irrational thought and then divert your attention to something else. For instance when I have an irrational thought come into my mind i divert my thoughts to kittens. (random I know but it works). Focus your thoughts on something that is going to keep your attention. Anytime you have this thought continue the steps of diverting your attention. It will take practice but eventually your mind will do it on its own. Hope this helps ;)
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I'm sorry you're going through so much pain man. You're right I haven't experienced that. I was just trying to help. There are things in life that happen. Whether good or bad. Life happens and sometimes we regret mistakes we have made in life. I've never done what you have done so I can't relate per say exactly but where I can relate is in the fact that I have done things in my life that I regret doing. In fact a lot of people have in their lives. It happened man. It's something that you don't want to hear but it did. What does dwelling on it do? Nothing but make you miserable. Trying to avoid thinking about it makes you think about it even more. Think about it...really think about what happened. Really put yourself in that position again. Then accept it and forgive yourself and move on with your life. I hope im not coming off as a dick. I'm just telling you what has helped me in my life. I've had friends who were raped, abused, or did terrible things to themselves or others. I'm not trying to undermine any of these things that have happened. The ones who were able to move on with their lives were the ones who talked it out with others no matter how embarrassing it was. (psychologists, family, close friends.) The ones who were able to move on with their lives were the ones who accepted what happened but didn't let that thing define them. It's difficult and not something that is going to be easy. But trying to numb yourself from your thoughts is not going to help. Talk it out, forgive yourself, move on with your life man. Im not a psychologist im just someone who is trying to help. :)
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