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Severe DR since getting off the plane.

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Hi all,

I am making this post out of absolute fear. I am fearful of what my future could become. My story goes as follows: December of last year I travelled from London to Washington DC for Christmas break. I stayed with my parents for two weeks, I felt fantastic. I then travelled on the 30th of December and arrived at 8:05am on the the 31st of December. Upon arriving I felt very tired, as anyone would. A couple of days went by and I began to feel incredibly distant from my surroundings. I started to experience cognitive deficits, brain fog, bizarre brain pressure (similar to someone pulling my brain in opposite directions), erratic mood swings, and the worst - suicidal ideation. As a result, I decided to take a trip to Edinburgh as I have pleasant memories there, when I arrived I couldn't recognise it. Similar to the experience I was having in London, consciously I knew where I was, but the internal mechanisms in my brain thought I was in the last location I travelled from. I realise this sounds absurd, but the feedback loops and inputs within my hypothalamus and Suprachiasmatic nucleus are located in Washington DC. Meaning, my brain never realised that I had boarded that plane, my brain was under the impression (and still is) that I am in America. Not only is my intuition telling me this, but I have also had glaringly obvious signs. I have had chronic jet lag, severe appetite suppression, temperature fluctuations, hormonal instabilities, and a general malaise and fatigue.

I believe my SCN carried the inputs of America to the U.K. with me. Now, I'm going to elaborate a bit in relation to my current theory. I believe that my body was being starved of natural light during the most pivotal time of the year - the transition from one year to another (2018 into 2019). This happened because I had a night flight. In addition, I arrived, as I said, at 8:05am on the 31st. Meaning, I had less than 16 hours to synchronise with my external environment until the new year started. I require a minimum of 24 hours, moreover I never got any sunlight upon arriving in London as it was grey for the entirety of the day. This had dire implications for the mechanisms involved in maintaining equilibrium in my body. My hypothalamus was the first to be affected, the retina-ganglion pathway to the brain was receiving minimal light, therefore, my brain used the last inputs it had (which were programmed to America) to continue in the U.K.. Which, in turn, has had drastic effects on my central nervous and endocrine systems, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, and pineal glands.

I know distinctly how I feel in one location to the next. London is my home, I adore living here. I had many unpleasant memories in America, therefore it is not very high on my list of locations to travel to. It seems at though my hippocampus, through my intentional doing, is trying to reset my system by remembering how I should feel in London. When I try to forcefully feel a certain way, my brain begins to strain itself and I feel a tight pulling motion as a result.

My states of mind have also flipped because of this phenomenon. In London I feel as I should in America, and in America I feel as I should do in London. My perception of reality shifts. I know this because I have travelled to the states twice since being back, on the first occasion it actually worked! I felt as though this nightmare had never occurred, my brain was in alignment with the inputs in my brain. I then went a second time because the symptoms returned, they only returned because I went to Paris to see a friend for a few days. This is tied to time zones shifts I am convinced. Anyhow, I went back a second time and it didn't feel the same, I felt as though I had done irrevocable damage going to France. I would also like to mention that I have spent copious amounts of money travelling, my intuition has been telling me to go to certain locations, it has been my navigator during this rigmarole. As a result, I can hardly afford to live, I am a student at university and somehow still doing well despite the execrable state I am in.

I will also mention that I am a sufferer or SAD and that I have had severe withdrawals in the past from Xanax (I stopped taking Xanax 29 months ago). Unsure as to whether or not GABA could have something to do with this process seeing that it's such an important neurotransmitter.

Bottom line is my life has changed considerably. I dream of ending my life everyday, I am incredibly smart and my intellect has crumbled since this took ahold of my life. I am now nihilistic, suicidal, and want the pain to end. Nothing can assuage the painful pressure in my head and suicidal ideations that I have. It follows me everywhere I go. I want some respite. Will this reset itself if I go to America for Christmas and this time stay through to the new year? I would also like to add that this has happened once before, in 2017. I suffered from January to August with the same symptoms. Guess what? I flew from England to America (back then I was living in DC) on the SAME exact day and the only time it dissipated was when I returned to England. I somehow managed to get into a very good university despite my appalling state of mind. Anyhow, all evidence points in the direction of light patterns and the master clock "SCN".

Essentially, throughout my travels, I have tried my hardest to isolate one state of mind from another. One set of hormonal inputs from another, in relation to their position on Earth (time zones). Hence the reason why I have travelled incessantly lately. My mind thinks it's December 2018 and keeps repeating that month in my mind, churning out hormones incorrectly. So, I am stuck in America, in December of 2018 and that is why I am feeling so wretched every second of everyday. Will I be able to survive to the end of the year to see if my theory is correct, who knows?

Anyhow, please tell me someone has been through something similar. I need to not feel as though I am alone. My life is so calamitous I don't know where to start. My parents know most of my symptoms as do doctors, but they don't understand my theory when I tell them. People think I'm going insane, I'm really not. I am very rational and ambitious, I just want this madness to end. Imagine seeing another location through your eyes because of the wrong inputs in your brain. It is terribly frightening.

I'll conclude my rant here. Thanks.
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Finally! Someone that understands me, I wish I could talk to you on the phone - I realise that sounds peculiar I'm just feeling relieved that I'm not alone. I'm excited I suppose that someone finally manages to understand what I am alluding to. That's exactly it, my brain is stuck in a particular season - that season being the autumn and winter (months spanning August to December). My intuition keeps telling me to wait until August, once I hit August the cycle will be able to complete itself and start to flow normally. I can finally resume normal life. I have felt the worst most potent form of suicide imaginable throughout these months, it has been unforgiving and ridiculously painful to endure.

It's interesting to note that my brain has been using episodic memories to communicate with me. I have been receiving clues from my brain, these clues are present to direct me towards a location that will correct the symptoms now. Most of the memories have been in America, the last location I was in before this occurred.

This glitch in my system has been all encompassing. My hormones and neurotransmitters have been severely imbalanced. I believe the transition period from one year to the next (December 31st to January 1st) was not successfully executed. I arrived on the 31st and had little time to synchronise with my external environment, furthermore I had no sunlight for days. Sunlight is what instructs our brain to create hormones, and in the appropriate amounts. Fundamentally speaking, my brain is using the wrong set of inputs for the season in which it is in. It is using the inputs of the Autumn and early winter months from the last year and is implanting them into this current season. This is the cause of my severe head pressure, migraines, suicidal ideology, cognitive impairments, and brain fog. I wish I had never fallen victim to this plague. It has consumed me from every perspective.

Do you think my theory is correct, in that these symptoms will disappear upon me transitioning into the Autumn and winter months? I sincerely hope I am right, I am not flying anywhere for awhile. I need some respite, it has been so enervating and tough, and still is.
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I forgot to touch on your last comment concerning my remedy for the same issue that took place in 2017. During that year I travelled to the last location I was in and it completely disappeared. It was as if it had never beleaguered me, I was mesmerised. However, I should also add that I travelled on the 5th of August, meaning either the travelling to resume the pattern that was lost corrected the issue, or the entering into the Autumn time remedied the condition.

I need to add that I travelled to America earlier this year and that completely corrected the problem, I stayed for two days and within the first day I was normal. My hormones returned and I felt invigorated. I travelled back and felt fine, however, I travelled up and down the U.K. from London to Scotland and back. This travelling from one country to the next offset these symptoms. It offset these symptoms because of the starkly differing neurochemical makeup of my brain from one location to the next. Essentially, I cannot do any travelling until August. Once I returned from America I should have stayed in London until August, however, my inquisitive mind wanted to explore. My curiosity caused me to relapse.
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