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Hi everyone hope yous are well

Im back to square one again the dp dr is really bad again .
I have been dealing with a very major family problem for about 3 months , and this family problem resolved on Friday .

This family problem was scary and tool a lot out of everybody including me.
Ever since Friday ive had severe dr and dp its strange because i was pretty good during the stress , but since it's over the dr dp got worse ?
My symptoms are

# Things seem unfamiliar
# I feel like I have lost myself completely
# Vision is odd
# I feel like im a pair of eyes only
# Feel like im living up in my head very hard feeling to explain
# My body doesn't seem like mine
# I feel on the verge of going completely crazy
# I feel like I have a new medical condition
# I feel like im not attached to my surroundings including people
# A feeling of no personality
# I feel like im acting or a robot im doing what is expected of me but its not me or something
# My memory has gotten worse
# Headaches

Normally I only have a few of these feelings , so all at once is horrid .

I feel pretty sure that this family stress has triggered of the bad dp dr again , but its my ocd brain that kinda makes me worry that it could be a medical cause to it being so bad .

I've gone over a year and a half now , when i first got this i honesty thought there would be know way is have it this long .
This is crazy ...
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