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Severe depression

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Does anyone go through really bad times of severe depression? Like nothing makes you happy? Right now I have little appetite, am constantly sleepy, always dehydrated, nothing makes me happy or excited, I don't want to talk to anyone, I have no emotions, etc.

Just in case anyone asks. I am currently on 50mg of Zoloft and see a psychiatrist every week.

This shit scares me to death.

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Ditto, Kelson you're not alone. I'm also diagnosed with depression. I always say, I don't believe DP/DR come in a vacuum, they bring other "friends" along.

I have days where I can barely function. I've had months where I can barely function. The problem is, the DP/DR are the extra kick in the head. The "no pay back for even trying".

Try to work with your doctor w/meds. Also, I loathe to say this, but exercise helps me. And you really need a buddy for that if you can find anyone. Regular exercise.

Who knows, your primary disorder may be depression. I can't figure any of this out anymore. Some here are panic attack people, others are GAD, I think some of us have bad depression, etc., etc.

You are far from alone.
I'm sick of this too.
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