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Sertraline doesn’t work anymore??

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Hi there !

Did not been here for years cause after I started taking Sertraline a few years ago my DR almost dissapear. I was functioning very wel and lived my life again after years of agony. It was like the meds sweeped all the feelings under te carpet in a way i felt i was cured. Sometimes slight feelings came back but not longer than a day or some.

About 3 months ago it seemed the DR feelings came back big time. Not all the time but for some days and it is becoming stronger and stronger.

Is it possible the medicine is simply stop working? I know there are no doctors here :) but maybe somebody experienced it and knows what to do now? Up my dossage?

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Not sure if you are still around but when I first experienced DR/DP, my doctor upped me from 150 to 200 mg. Worked like a charm for 2 years. Now I have it again and have been upped to 250 mg. Unfortunately, it has not helped much this time around.

Toying with the idea of adding something to the mix or switching altogether. What did you end up doing?
Maybe consider a low dose of Atypical Lauren....Its worth a shot....If a low dose does nothing within a few weeks just drop it...The worst a low dose will do is make you sleepy maybe....Low dose Atypical saved me many years ago and still does to this day...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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