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Sertraline doesn’t work anymore??

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Hi there !

Did not been here for years cause after I started taking Sertraline a few years ago my DR almost dissapear. I was functioning very wel and lived my life again after years of agony. It was like the meds sweeped all the feelings under te carpet in a way i felt i was cured. Sometimes slight feelings came back but not longer than a day or some.

About 3 months ago it seemed the DR feelings came back big time. Not all the time but for some days and it is becoming stronger and stronger.

Is it possible the medicine is simply stop working? I know there are no doctors here :) but maybe somebody experienced it and knows what to do now? Up my dossage?

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SSRI "poop-out" is a thing that does happen (where the SSRI stops working), but that is usually a situation where you have maxed out the dosage and it still doesn't work, which is when you would look for a different med to replace the one that failed.

More common than "poop-out" is that your dose needs to be increased. Many of us are started on a lower SSRI dose anyway so increasing it isn't too big of a deal. Medication has given me my life back, but I did have a slip up where I thought the medication wasn't working for me any longer. Upping the dose worked great and solved the problem. I went from taking 50mg to 100mg of zoloft(sertaline) and felt normal again within a week or less.
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