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Just been reading up on serotonin discovered that when on a very low calorie diet levels can go very low leading to anxiety symptoms my dp/dr onset came after i lost
6 stones in weight in just over 6 months following a diet and excercise regime. I was fine before this except for suffering from depression since age of 17. I could never find a cause for this dr/dp which followed a massive panic attack and never left me.
Now i am wondering if it could have been anything to do with very low serotonin levels.

I have had dp/dr now for 12 years and have recently gained 5 stones in as many years
my reality at the moment is about the size of a speck of dust, my energy zero, my concentration shot, my short term memory very very bad, i have black circles under eyes am constantly tired despite lots of sleep.
I have just realised that my daily diet consists of junk food and diet coke and i am feeling the worst i have felt in years. I felt a lot better five years ago so am
contemplating finding out how to increase my serotonin levels by diet and supplements before i dissapear completley into oblivion.
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