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seriously want to lose weight. anti depressents ?

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i was going to post this on the off topic forum but im sure this has to do with the meds im taking

40mg celexa/citalopram
1mg klonopin/clonazepam

i cycle alot and ive cut down my calorie intake drastically,at the moment after several weeks on 1500 cals a day im down to 1000 and by rights the weight should be dropping 34 years of age and understand the metabolism slows down but this is just a joke...when i was on the atkins diet i lost 2 stone(28lbs) in 2 months but this low fat calorie controlled diet is just the pits...what am i doing wrong ? is it the meds ?

can anyone help
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When I started with the SSRI's I put on 8kgs in about 6 weeks. Couldn't stop eating. The cholesterol went up as well which is what I'm worried about. I have stopped with the SSRI now and I also want to get back to my original weight. My doctor did warn me about the weight gain.

Some tips:
* Eat more than 4 times a day to stabilize your sugar.
* 1000 calories p/day is probably too low making your body go into starvation mode potentially eating into muscle which you don't want.
* Rotate your exercise routine.
* Eat healthy foods and limit empty calories like alcohol (~250cals per pint!!).
* Get a good nights rest.
* Try 20% fat (good fats) 40% Carb and 40% Protein mix for each meal.
* Low GI foods are much better. Avoid processed stuff White bread, cakes etc.
* Record everything you eat to really determine how many calories you are eating. Most people are shocked when they find out how many calories there eating. They don't include the little bits of food they nibble on throughout the day which could add an extra 300cals a day. That's takes about 30mins of jogging at 6mph to work off.
Easier not to eat the extra food.

I did all the math and lost exactly the calculated calorie deficit for the week. Deficit was ~ 700cal a day and lost about 700-800grams a week. After 10 weeks ~7kg were lost (and then I got DP/DR/Panic and lost another 5kg soon after). I have to get back into it again.

I hope this helps.
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