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seriously want to lose weight. anti depressents ?

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i was going to post this on the off topic forum but im sure this has to do with the meds im taking

40mg celexa/citalopram
1mg klonopin/clonazepam

i cycle alot and ive cut down my calorie intake drastically,at the moment after several weeks on 1500 cals a day im down to 1000 and by rights the weight should be dropping 34 years of age and understand the metabolism slows down but this is just a joke...when i was on the atkins diet i lost 2 stone(28lbs) in 2 months but this low fat calorie controlled diet is just the pits...what am i doing wrong ? is it the meds ?

can anyone help
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when i have a few beers i make sure i eat small meals and dont excede 1500 cals per day...
at the moment im trying to split my meals up into 6 a day with each meal no more than 200 cals at a time ideal weight is 13 stone but at the moment im 14.10 and its a bastard to shift
SoulBrotha said:
exercise and work out?
yep i do that ,this is why im wondering if its the meds that have fucked up my metabolism...but also why does a ketogenetic diet work for me and a low fat low cal diet doesnt
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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