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seriously want to lose weight. anti depressents ?

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i was going to post this on the off topic forum but im sure this has to do with the meds im taking

40mg celexa/citalopram
1mg klonopin/clonazepam

i cycle alot and ive cut down my calorie intake drastically,at the moment after several weeks on 1500 cals a day im down to 1000 and by rights the weight should be dropping 34 years of age and understand the metabolism slows down but this is just a joke...when i was on the atkins diet i lost 2 stone(28lbs) in 2 months but this low fat calorie controlled diet is just the pits...what am i doing wrong ? is it the meds ?

can anyone help
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JC mate, I wish I knew the answer. Are you including booze in with your calorie count ? I know I don't, I manage to convince myself that they don't count. I really do!

I'm the same age as you, I don't eat badly, walk >5 miles each day, but still I'm stuck at 13 stone. It seems whatever I do I can't lose weight. I can stabalise myself at this weight, or put it f*****g on, but can't lose it.

Every GP I've talked to swears blind that SSRI's don't contribute to weight gain, but I think from anecdotal evidence you can safely say that it ain't true. I put a stone on in a month after I started Cipramil.
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