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Sensory overload

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Anyone ever feel like there is so much to see or hear that it's just going to ber too much and then they'll somehow go blind or deaf or just plain crazy trying to take it all in? I know it's just another dp/dr thought, but it's annoying. I'm on day two of not drinking, hoping that things will start to get better without that factor involved in my life.
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Congrats on not drinking for a couple of days. Please keep it going!
Give your body a break from the toxin for at least a week and then see how you feel. It will be better :D

I find when I try to focus on all my bodily functions at once is when I get a frazzled. I question - how can I be doing all this stuff without thinking about it and yet still be totally conscious of it all. Does not seem to be as bad these days but other symptoms/ruminations have taken it's place. Sigh...

Remember if you do want a drink, no more than two (standard drinks that is, two glasses of vodka does not count). Do not get plastered. If you can't have a couple then abstain.

Tell us how you go.
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