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Many people will argue this point…but this detachment for many is hormones…some have unresolved baggage and bad anxiety that when constant causes the dissociation..for some it’s a vestibular migraine…etc. etc….this out of body stuff is hormones or mechanisms affecting hormones…it may be innocent enough but I assure u there’s a darker side to it…these hormone issues people write off can lead to furthering dysfunction in the body…it’s easy to push it aside everyday if it’s not severe and say ah it might get better tomorrow…then ur 10 years down the road and it’s even more of blip in time because this disorder messes with time and space…I will stop blabbing..not sure how long Uve been experiencing this but just be timely and stay on top of it the best u can…my spacey-ness would just get worst and worst…i first noticed it for myself when I realized I had body dysmorphia from anxiety…my perception was warped…very difficult to ground oneself.
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