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sensation in the head

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Doea any one feel a tingling sensation in the head almost pressure like is this a part of dp/dr i feel as if somthin is running through my brain/ head and liike i have good memories but bad memory now like i forget a lot any one experence this 2.......
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Yes! I feel almost exactly like you do! My memory too!

During the day sometimes pressure will feel like it's building in my head (near the front above my eyes). It's very annoying. It may just be a placebo though as I am usually contenplating whether my brain is damaged because of what I'm feeling.

I used to have an excellent memory. I did not have ot be told twice to do things, and school was a breeze. Now my memory is choking. I cannot seem to remember anything. I think exercise is going to kickstart my memory again, though.
But wouldn't heightened activity lead to good things? This all seems backwards to me...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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