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sensation in the head

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Doea any one feel a tingling sensation in the head almost pressure like is this a part of dp/dr i feel as if somthin is running through my brain/ head and liike i have good memories but bad memory now like i forget a lot any one experence this 2.......
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Yeah this is from a study, theres a forum around here, i mean it is odd that we do have odd sensations. Maybe this kinda sensation is because of odd activity in our brains that these pictures show. *shrug*
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hightened activity and insomnia... now that is weird. The night that I went into DR for real was the start of a WEEK OF LITTLE SLEEP. i got 6-9 hours top that week of sleep.

Connection thats kinda interesting. But i mean hell i connect everything to the source of my problems
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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