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Apart from the dp and dr itself, i think my subconcious mind has sort of created a different spin on the way i percieve reality in order to cope with my trauma's and anxiety. It's not that i am delusional but when i first began to develop dp, my whole life started to feel like some sort of grand storybook. Everything became a part of some twisted and unreal experience that centered around my dp and anxiety. This is very hard to explain but i think once my mind was able to break my own perception of reality, my subconcious mind just took that and ran with it. It got so bad that it started to feel like the dp was an age hold entity that my soul had been at war with for thousands of years.i know that sounds crazy but thats how it felt. im sorry that i cant explain this too well, but these feelings are so abstract i can barely put them into words. if you have any thoughts on this or can relate please post them.
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It's perfectly natural to have what seem to be delusional thoughts during DR/DP, because everthing is so f****d up, so you start to question things. However, they are not delusions, because you know they are delusions. They are just your brains attempts at figuring out what the hell is going on, and the content of these thoughts is usually pretty weird - hence the temptation to call them delusions.
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What I mean to say is that a true delusion is a psychotic break, and I didn't think that with 'pure' DR/DP this happens. The distinction, to me, is between being psychotic and believing your delusions, and having DR/DP and thinking (and obsessing) about weird things. A remember, the constant self-monitoring can seem like delusional behaviour as well.

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