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I was wondering if anyone here ever injured themselves deliberately while in a trance or episode or...however you wish to refer to it.

I often go into trances staring at parts of my body without realizing they are mine. I am either fascinated or disgusted by the sight of the little "creatures" surrounding my psyche and for some reason feel no remorse in hurting them. I hardly ever feel the pain myself.

I usually have no more episodes until the marks left heal. It seems seeing evidence that my body existed before makes it easier to recognize.

I never actually see this as an act of self-harm or self-mutilation. I see no ?self? in the act. I've been to self-injury support groups, but it seems my motives are slightly different then the other's there.

This sort of thing is hard to admit. Marking your self like some war crazed heathen is just a bit more taboo than seeming a little melancholy or distracted.

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Never been a 'cutter', but up through my twenties I would fist-punch myself in the face or head (always in anger, but I did enjoy the stimulation somewhat).

BTW, is that Tristan Tzara in your avatar? It's cool!.

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