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Seizure possibility link; only klonopin works for me

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I just ran out of klonopin, and i had some back up xanax and ativan for when i ran out. Not the same.
Feels like i've literally had some sort of seizure. Speech effected, balance problems, memory severely impared.

Does seem to mimic some TLE in many senses.
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Is it not effective to switch to xanax?
went to an urgent care and got a refill. Is it okay to just take as needed? Or a slow taper more effective?
Yes, I have become dependant, not addicted, and im comfortable with that. It is much better than the legal drug i was addicted and dependant on, alcohol.
I think benzos pales in comparrison to the legal stuff, and ridiculous how we rant about it on this site, but have such a cavalier attitude about booze and cigarettes.

Lets start complaining and arguing about benzos if hundreds of thousands are dying each year. Until then, i think we're fighting the wrong battle.

And the worst withdrawal i've ever had of anything, was PAXIL.
I believe much of the stigmas against benzos are PROPAGANDA that was started by the newer pharm companies.
The same propaganda against SSRIs will begin once the new line of antidepressants come out.

my 2 cents, im sick of the argument, to each their own
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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