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Seizure possibility link; only klonopin works for me

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I just ran out of klonopin, and i had some back up xanax and ativan for when i ran out. Not the same.
Feels like i've literally had some sort of seizure. Speech effected, balance problems, memory severely impared.

Does seem to mimic some TLE in many senses.
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Klonopin is a VERY potent benzo and is also highly addictive. It also has a very long half life(50 hours?)Xanax is equal in potency but has a much shorter half life(20 hours). You will probably have to dose 2x (maybe even 3x) a day at the exact dose you are taking now just to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay. The fact that you are experiencing symptoms is sign you are dependent and will require a very slow taper.

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