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I'll keep this fairly short as I don't feel like writing a huge story.. I first registered on this site in October of 2010, almost 8 years ago. I was a complete mental wreck. I barely left my house for the first few years of being DP'd and was in and out of the hospital\psych ward a few times. Ended up being placed on a few different ssris and other medications and nothing seemed to work. I floundered for a while, becoming addicted to alcohol and benzos to help cope with this horrible affliction. A few months ago I was placed on 15mg of lexapro and took the occasional benzo (mostly klonopin) when things would get really bad. As of right now I would consider myself 50% better after being on the lexapro for about 3 months. My obsessive\existential thoughts are almost gone,I no longer see DP as a threat its just something that I know will go away. I can enjoy going out and doing things without having panic attacks, and my depression is no longer crippling. In my case I believe my DP\DR was almost entirely anxiety\fear based.

You never know what could help you guys, try every possible thing you can. I never thought lexapro would have this kind of impact, but it seems I'm well on my way to finally getting rid of DP.
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