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school, carreer, job... I try but I don't want to think them

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Important issues. What I am going to do in my life. The person that I will be. The carreer that I will follow. How am I going to provide things for me, and later, for my family. I don't have the answers, while I should.

Of cource it all starts from lower level questions. How is you schoold performance? What MD are you going to follow? Where (what field and/or industry) do you want to work? What's your dreams? (forget about my dreams, they are probably narcisistic).

Like I am unwilling to think them.

I ask you to deliberately ignore issues like "I don't feel myself". Let's just focus on "What am I going to do?" Everybody else (friends) are starting to get inside things, inside life (jobs, after-graduate diplomas, etc). Someone told me "Why not trying to find a girl? It will help you see things better". That's wrong, it will just be another distraction. Sure it would be good. Perfect. But I need to first get started with life. Or start to get started (if this phrase makes no sense, I can explain it better).

Any throughts? Any comments? Anything?
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But why is it that I find it very frustrating (and of cource difficult) to do something that I feel obliged to do?
So what's the answer? Why do you find it very frustrating to do something that you feel obliged to do? When you were younger, were you forced to do things a lot (other than the normal things parents make children do)?
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