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school, carreer, job... I try but I don't want to think them

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Important issues. What I am going to do in my life. The person that I will be. The carreer that I will follow. How am I going to provide things for me, and later, for my family. I don't have the answers, while I should.

Of cource it all starts from lower level questions. How is you schoold performance? What MD are you going to follow? Where (what field and/or industry) do you want to work? What's your dreams? (forget about my dreams, they are probably narcisistic).

Like I am unwilling to think them.

I ask you to deliberately ignore issues like "I don't feel myself". Let's just focus on "What am I going to do?" Everybody else (friends) are starting to get inside things, inside life (jobs, after-graduate diplomas, etc). Someone told me "Why not trying to find a girl? It will help you see things better". That's wrong, it will just be another distraction. Sure it would be good. Perfect. But I need to first get started with life. Or start to get started (if this phrase makes no sense, I can explain it better).

Any throughts? Any comments? Anything?
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if there's nothing you WANT to do, do what you HAVE to do.
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