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What are some ways to help you get through the schoold day , with anxiety and Dp/Dr i started at a new college, and things are a goign good so far, just looking for some advcie on getting through the classes, without freaking out or thinking im dieing, oh lord..

- mishy.

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Im in the same boat as you.... just went to college less than a week ago as a freshman.

First of all, if its a severe problem of anxiety make sure your teacher knows. It might be hard to muster the courage up, but 1, who cares its just a teacher and he/she isnt gunna tell anyone what u told him/her, and 2, it will probably make things easier on you.

I found that with anxiety, simply letting people know yoru feeling nervous/anxious really helps relieve the feelings.

And if you tell the teachers and they see you acting funny they wont think anything of it.

Try and destract yourself too.... start doodling in your notebook, draw things that make you happy, even smiley faces if you want.

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thats not cool.... part of being in tact with reality is feeling emotions, and along with it comes feeling sad, nervous, depressed at times. Cant have ups without the downs....

The thing is you cant let the downs put you into a dp state

Im gunna figure this shit out some day, and find a cure that works for EVERYONE - mark my word.

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Yeah my posts tend to be angry or childish sometimes. I'm in a confusing place, just started my second year of college and I don't know what to do. I'm coping perfectly fine but know that is because, at the moment, I'm able to ignore my feelings.

It seems to be a pattern with me. I ignore my feelings or try to replace them by distracting myself. Eventually the problems I have emotionally build to the point that I'm no longer able to maintain that "zone" of indifference and then it just all comes out of me. Problem is it usually takes the form of severe anxiety and mild depression.
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