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schizophrenia to dp

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I suffered from schizophrenia as young man and after years of treatments, therapy and hospital stays i believe im finally cured. Now the thing that bites big time is that I developed dp/dr due to the tramau of schizophrenia, claims my psychiatrist. When I started to get well and the delusions from the schizophrenia dissappeared, my mind started to disconnect, but not in the schizophrenic kind of way. It was more of a physical vision was blurry, i felt extremely disoriented and very sleepy all the time. Can it be possible to develop dp/dr as a result of tramau from schizophrenia? I am currently taking zyprexa as well citrolpam for my condition. anybody else relate to my story?
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It certainly could be, but then there's several other possibilities as well.

It might be the case that, because of the large amounts of medication you've taken, you're brain's developed DP as a result of an altered neurochemistry. Certainly some people have argued that this canhappen as a result of certain medications.

It could still be a symptom of you're current medication. Antipsychotics are often said to make you feel "numb" - though it depends, of course, on the amount you're taking.

But, like you said, it could equally well be the trauma. There's no way to tell for sure; but do check out all the possibilities.
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