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schizophrenia to dp

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I suffered from schizophrenia as young man and after years of treatments, therapy and hospital stays i believe im finally cured. Now the thing that bites big time is that I developed dp/dr due to the tramau of schizophrenia, claims my psychiatrist. When I started to get well and the delusions from the schizophrenia dissappeared, my mind started to disconnect, but not in the schizophrenic kind of way. It was more of a physical vision was blurry, i felt extremely disoriented and very sleepy all the time. Can it be possible to develop dp/dr as a result of tramau from schizophrenia? I am currently taking zyprexa as well citrolpam for my condition. anybody else relate to my story?
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I felt my vision go blury after waking up from a hypnotic sleep then go clear again. But I don't know whether it was DP after having hypnotic sessions based on "two frontal lobe" theory.
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