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schizophrenia & marijuana?

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is it possible to become schizophrenic after smoking weed? i used to smoke and could have a good time, now i keep thinking after i smoke, i'm gonna black out and start on a rampage hurting people then not remember any of it afterwards (which hasn't happend by the way). is that possible though?
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weed can cause psychotic symptoms while being used: like paranoia, hallucinations and such. But for the average person, it wouldn't make them perminantly schizophrenic.

However, for someone with the schizophrenic gene, using marijuana can start up the schizophrenia, which was lying dormant until the weed was used.

But it sounds like you might have the wrong idea of what schizophrenia is. It is not going on a rampage of hurting people and then not remembering it. A common myth about schizophrenics is that they are violent and that is rarely true. I have schizophrenia myself. My symptoms include, hearing voices, seeing things, dp/dr, Paranoid delusions (ex: believing the government is sending spies out to follow me and scan my brain, believiing the world is an illusion set up to destroy me, believing i can communicate telepathically with trees, etc.)

So,The main symptoms of schizophrenia are, delusions, hallucinations, catatonic or grossly disorganized behavior, disorganized speech/thought, and affective flattenting....Violence is rarely involved.

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will6 said:
i dont think u will go on a rampage just suddenly, infact its very rare for a skitso to do somthething like that. i dunno if u have done any research on the net about it but have a look and ull find the only real symptom is anti socialism and voises in ur head. its possible to become skitso even if its not in the family although the risk is very high if it is in ur blood, and even after just one joint u can be come skitso.
there are many more symptoms to schizophrenia besides voices and social withdrawl.

hearing voices are the most common type of hallucination in schizophrenia, but schizophrenics can have visual hallucinations, tactile, and smell and taste hallucinations as well.

Also, delusions are another of the most common symptoms

catatonia, disorganized thought and/or speech, dp and dr- like feelings, affective flattenting, low energy, poor hyigene, etc are also common symptoms.

but you are right, schizophrenics are rarely violent. It's a common myth about the condition.

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