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Okay. You guys are driving ME crazy with your obsessions about dp turning into schizophrenia.

Here's an analogy on the relationship between psychosis and depersonalization.

Imagine you're getting up there in age (like me). Well, imagine you're even OLDER than me.

You start to notice your hearing is getting a little weak. (huh? yep, that's what you'll say a lot).

Your eyes, well...they're just not what they once were. When you read, you have to hold the book way out in front of you, or preferably prop it up across the room and read from there, lol...
One day you forget the name of the neighborhood pharmacist's little grandson (he sometimes shows you photos and brags). And you panic and say "I am getting Alzheimer's!! This is exactly what happened to Aunt Sophie before she got Alzeihmer's! First her hearing went, then her eyesight got bad, then she forgot things...this is IT!!! I have the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


What you have, my dear, is ...a little old age.

Aunt Sally who has Alzeihmer's ALSO has failing eyesight and poor hearing - NOT as a result of her Alzeihmer's, but because of her old age.

Old age causes poor eyesight and hearing.
Alzeimer's patients are usually old and therefore will likely have some of the same Old AGe Symptoms as the rest of us.
That does not mean there is any causal link between poor eyesight, poor hearing and Alzeimer's.

In a non-psychotic person, a nervous or emotional breakdown can cause anxiety, obsessive thoughts, dp, dr, etc.
In a schizophrenic, intense mental stress will also provoke anxiety, obsessive thougths, dp, dr.
That does not mean there is any causal link between anxiety, dp, and psychosis.

Due to biological genetic differences, the schizophrenic will have a psychotic break.
Due to biological genetic differences, the Alzeimer's patient will develop Alzeihmer's.

Anxiety and dp and dr and obsessiveness cannot "lead" to schizophrenia/psychosis anymore than lousy eyesight or bad hearing can LEAD to Alzeihmer's.

See that one??


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very good reply

im lucky i suppose in the respect that i never fear schizophenia or psycosis,because i undestand that im rational, and if it happens then i aint gonna know about it....i just deal with what ive got right here now

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dakotajo said:
Hey Jc,

I like your attitude. Eventually when we finally go insane, we wont know about it anyway, so we should have nothing to worry

but its true though ! i just realise that its thoughts about going insane etc...that keep us anxious as hell

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Wow, when I read the first sentence of your post, Janine, I couldn't resist smiling cause when you are able to make jokes on the fear of going insane, it is probably not that serious than I think it is.

That's relieving. Fortunately the fear of going insane seems to be just that-a fear only.

I think d-jo is right when he says that we don't recognise it anyway when we go crazy.
I mean we can't do anything about it anyway, so why bother?
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