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Schizo OCD???

3430 Views 8 Replies 7 Participants Last post by  HelloJonathan2 recently I scrolled through some topics on this site...then I read this disscusion .... read the first comment about schizo ocd...

This sums up pretty good what I think I experience (or is it a psychosis or prodomal phase already..?) Anyway I thought yeah that's cool - until I read this...

"Nevertheless, although anxiety disorder does not lead to psychosis, and OCD in general does not progress to psychosis, sometimes OCD presents as the leading edge of schizophrenia, usually in a young person. In such cases, full-blown schizophrenia occurs within about two years after development of OCD. OCD and schizophrenia can also co-occur, strange as it may seem." I'm f/16 and I'm hell SCARED now...I'm young...does this mean I'm very likely to develop a psychosis soon or??
What do you think??
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But what if DP/DR id a symptom of prodomal schizophrenia? I mean a lot of us havw anxiety and depression....
I dont think it is . otherwise people who endured dp/dr and are cured now would suffer from schizophrenia now

however ...dp/dr itself has psychotic elements on it if you ask me . I saw on german wikipedia (I live in germany) that dp/dr is in the "ich störung" ( translated : "me/myself/person disorder") category which seems to be at least somewhat related to psychosis

my doc also says that I have psychotic tendencies when I tell him about my dp/dr symptoms . he also explained to me that he knows that I dont have a schizophrenic psychosis and said that there is basically a continuum from depression all the way to schizophrenia and that some people fall inbetween those both things in various percentages . he explained that me for example I am mostly in the depressive side with a slight shift towards the schizophrenic side ....I would guess 80-20 or something .

you dont need to worry about it . I know what you are going through trust me . I dont even share here all the symptoms Ive had and what kind of thoughts ran through my head . I also thought that I am going schizo....I was actually sure I will . but I havent . and I am 33

there is also no need to be scared of it anyway . there are enough good doctors and medications for schizophrenia . it is not a death sentence or something . of course it is nothing we would wish to have but it is mostly our anxiety that makes the illness seem as if it is the worst thing on earth

I dont think you are going schizo but you should talk to a doc .

why do you think you would become schizo to begin with ? dp/dr and schizophrenia itself are not the same .

btw. I have even heard voices while lucid dreaming . I was not even dreaming really but in a state between sleeping and being awake . I dont know if thats normal but I am sure you didnt experience even that . I also had some delusions since childhood . and even I am not schizo

also what we often forget is that we are just humans ....and some things we experience are normal . there is no reason to think you are crazy for every little thing that goes through your head . even when it is horrible stuff going through your head it often means nothing tbh.

btw. many full blown schizo people are not able to question themselves anyway .....when you are scared to go schizo chances are you are not

but as I said none of us here are doctors
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