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Schizo OCD???

3420 Views 8 Replies 7 Participants Last post by  HelloJonathan2 recently I scrolled through some topics on this site...then I read this disscusion .... read the first comment about schizo ocd...

This sums up pretty good what I think I experience (or is it a psychosis or prodomal phase already..?) Anyway I thought yeah that's cool - until I read this...

"Nevertheless, although anxiety disorder does not lead to psychosis, and OCD in general does not progress to psychosis, sometimes OCD presents as the leading edge of schizophrenia, usually in a young person. In such cases, full-blown schizophrenia occurs within about two years after development of OCD. OCD and schizophrenia can also co-occur, strange as it may seem." I'm f/16 and I'm hell SCARED now...I'm young...does this mean I'm very likely to develop a psychosis soon or??
What do you think??
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To help give you some piece of mind. The fact you are constantly checking your sanity means you are sane. Schizophrenia is also marked by periods of phychosis, in which you arnt even really aware that your mental state has changed. The fact you can clearly tell whether or not your thoughts seem normal means you are completely sane. Ocd can co-occur with any mental illness and occur as a disorder by itself. I think what you may want to practice doing is try to reduce your terror on developing the disorder. When the anxietys gone, you will be able to tell if the tricks your mind was playing on you were just being caused by anxiety or by something else. Ive experianced the same thing because of anxiety and panic. Ive even had full blown hallucinations due to sleep paralysis and heard people talking when noone was and seen things that werent there.
You may be at the age for when it can develop but you shouldnt worry unless people around you say somethings wrong with you. Like i said before, psychosis is when you lose all touch with reality and arnt aware of whats happening. Therefore, the most reliable source of knowing if somethings wrong is a loved ones observations.
Theres even a few mental illnesses that cause hallucinations besides schizophrenia, like manic depression or bipolar disorder.
You are probably fine. This sounds like typical dpdr as most people with it get this "schizo-ocd" because we are afraid of whats happening to us. If need be, like ive done before myself, you can just let loved ones knows whats going on and to keep an eye on you and let you know if anything strang happens. For me, nothing serious developed and the same will probably be for you as well.
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