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My tears wake up as I fall asleep

And dream that this torture will faid
That someday the memories will be destroyed
And never bring back the pain
These scars stay on my body,
The past stays on my mind
My world's taking another turn
How long will it last this time?
The cuts are mostly gone now

But the scars will stay unhealed

The hurt will never disappear
As long as I'm not real
When you wish upon a star
The demons will consume you

They'll tear your heart out, put in theirs

"You're time for suffering is due"

Now my body's weak, and my pain is strong

All that's left is disappointment

My blood still flows, but my heart is cold

As this drug called love remains abstinent

Isolation is now my life

I've completely lost all sanity

I'm not here, so just ignore

The silence I cry to humanity
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