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does anyone else feel this way: like everyone and everything you’ve ever known or seen is now completely foreign. in my head i know what things are, where things are, who people are but it’s like my eyes can’t comprehend it. it’s like my brain was completely reset... it’s terrifying. i keep trying to tell myself i know these things and i wasn’t always this way but it really is like i got dropped off on a new planet and i’m relearning everything, it makes me feel so scared and alone
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Your eyes don't comprehend because your eyes don't comprehend. The eye is just a camera....a lens. It sends a chemicalelectrical image through your retina and deep into the brain. The temporal lobe receives the raw image data and seeks to add emotional coloring/context to that simple image.

There is nothing wrong with your eyes. They are doing their job of sending that raw image into your brain. The problem lies in the processing department of the temporal lobe. That is where decisions are made about this raw image. Is it familiar? Is it friendly? Do I love it or hate it or somewhere in between

It is a complicated process which can easily become dysfunctional. The Temporal Lobe is exquisitely prone to insult. It is the most common region for epileptic activity. Psychoactive drugs can alter the process of the temporal lobe, and not always temporarily. Emotional stress can cause dysfunction in

the temporal lobe. PTSD? Emotional 'scarring"? Anger issues? Crying spells? I lost my emotins following a sequence of powerful temporal lobe seizures. My "post ictal psychosis segued into an affective disorder of major depression". This was a life altering event. I was a worst case scenario.

I remember thinking my loved ones seemed alien to me. I was no longer getting the "complete picture', and it had nothing to do with my eyes.
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